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I am inspired by art and life itself. Always capturing my roots, my culture and my beliefs through art, fashion and everything that is visual. My dream is to transport the audience to a sublime and elevated place where everything becomes poetry

AW Collection


Scroll down and click into each collection to find process, sketching,  designs, hand painted shoes, art, and my latest work with OLT.


“Every day I discover
more and more
beautiful things.
It’s enough to drive

one mad.
I have such a desire
to do everything,
my head is bursting

with it.”

― Claude Monet

Finding Impressionism

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As the fish that leaps from the river,
As the dropping of a November leaf at twilight,
As the faint flicker of lightning down the southern sky,
So I saw beauty, far away


John Gould Fletcher

Fugitive Beauty


Olympia Le-Tan

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A place of wonder and delight

“Even in his most banal aspect the world is a place of wonder and delight"


― Auguste Renoir


Black, strong and colorful women that adorn the streets of the walled and old city of Cartagena, Colombia.



A collection inspired and  thinking bout those who are willing to dream, to fight and believe in their own capacity to evolve in their career and create a better world


On all her breezes borne,
Earth yields no scents like

But he that dares not grasp

the thorn
Should never crave the rose.


Anne Bronet


Crave the Rose 

This is a space dedicated to my other passion, Painting, collages and digital work in general, because art is my survival weapon.


Paints and digital work

Because, clothing is the art we all wear...Welcome to the place, where fun, art and a some much color are the main topic.


Hand painted shoes

The yellow butterfly

''It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world''

Chaos theory

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