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Fugitive Beauty

“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.”

― Vincent van Gogh

 A huge part of impressionism  great amount of talent, courage and intransigence, gave life to a group of masters, that allowed a huge part of humanity, including myself to go more adept into ecstasy. A completely lively, vivid, delicate and, in short, ravishing way of seeking and understating nature and life, of connecting with it.

Therefore, I find myself lost in the deep and infinite strokes of a painting by Monet, a sweet remainder of the love and respect that I have for the magical world of nature and beings. Manet, the great influence for impressionism. His freedom, rebellious and controversial character, allowed to open a huge door for modern painting.  Degas, and his admiration for ballerinas, is a reminder for me on how art and passion can actually turn out our heads for something more real and spiritual, the young girls at the piano by Renoir one of my favorite paints, connect me directly with the love and great relation I have with my sister. Camile Pizarro, with the Boulevard Montmartre, searching for expression of light and capturing the easy and peaceful life at the time. ..

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Rodin and his extraordinary way of seeking pain and suffering through sculpture, all the way to the great Van Gogh who broke the barriers of emotions, and struggle to find a place, a space, where to be understood and where, his art would not be considered as ugly or repulsive, but on the contrary, where to be appreciate and understood. Which clearly only after his death, he actually started to make any sense to everybody else.


This, and many other reasons, is why I continually choose art and, in this particular time, impressionism to develop my collection, they really inspired me so much everyday not only for my work, my craft but for my life, a huge part of why my spirit feels more alive.


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